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Sports Medicine


Our orthopedic surgeons are your go-to team for all your sports medicine needs. Park Place Surgical Hospital is a member of Lourdes Sportscare and is also the Official Surgical Provider of UL Ragin’ Cajun Athletics.


Park Place has partnered with Our Lady of Lourdes and Acadiana Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine to provide athletes in Acadiana with easy access to the care they need for peak performance. Our Lourdes SportsCare Network is a partnership featuring a large team of physicians specializing in orthopedic injuries, surgery and overall health & wellness - as well as physical therapists and certified athletic trainers. It's all designed to bring athletes specialized help in preventing and minimizing athletic injuries.

Park Place Surgical Hospital is the Official Surgical Provider of Ragin’ Cajun Athletics. Our sports medicine team is a skilled group of orthopedists who have partnered with UL to use the latest advanced techniques to deliver exceptional care to patients with musculoskeletal injuries or disorders. From the diamond to the gridiron we are extremely proud that UL Ragin’ Cajun Athletics put their trust in us.